2018 Fashion Jewelry Trends

Hi Everyone,

I just returned from a trip to Italy to investigate the new trends and designs.  I was seeing Stars!!  The clothing designers were showing lots of stars on shirts, sweaters, dresses and shoes that will hit the American market immediately.  So, I designed several pieces of sterling silver jewelry with a stylized star motif.  A few pieces are shown in this blog. 

Once again, big earrings are very popular this year.  The popularity has been growing every year, but this year they will be bigger and bolder.  Women used to think that only the under 30 crowd should wear big earrings, but that is not true anymore.  A big earring doesn't have to be saved for special occasions, they can be casual enough for everyday.  It doesn’t matter if you wear your hair short or long, a big earring is fun and fabulous!

The Italians are still showing lots and lots of bracelets.  Whether a person is holding a wine goblet or at home passing a crayon to a little person, a bracelet always graces the wrist.  I don’t get a chance to get a manicure very often.  My nails take a beating in my line of work.  However, when I wear a bracelet, I always feel more creative.  If you love to go out on the town, you can wear a little glitter on both wrists and they will shine! 

We only get a chance to go around this life once.  If your budget doesn't allow for your "dream" bracelet, I hope you slip into one of my new sterling silver bracelets with either a yellow or rose gold finish. If you only love all silver, I think you will find the new designs very exciting.        

With love,